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      Current: Products> Medical Consumbles >Medical dressings & Bandages >Orthopedic Casting bandage

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      Orthopedic Casting bandage
      Quick Details
      • Properties:
      • Medical Polymer Materials & Products
      • Place of Origin:
      • Shandong, China (Mainland)
      • Brand Name:
      • Hiprove
      • Model Number:
      • Fiberglass casting tape
      • Commodity:
      • fiberglass orthopedic casting tape
      • Material:
      • Polyester cotton & Fiberglass
      • Certificates:
      • CE,ISO9001 and ISO13485
      • Applied part:
      • arm,leg,ankle,wrist (external fracture fixation)
      • Color:
      • white, green, red and yellow
      • Packing:
      • 10bags/box, 12boxes /ctn
      • MOQ:
      • 500pcs
      • OEM:
      • Available
      • Size:
      • 5.0*360, 7.5*360, 10.0*360, 12.5*360, 15.0*360cm
      • Feature:
      • good air permeability
      • Type:
      • General Medical Supplies
      Packaging & Delivery
      • Packaging Details:
      • 10bags/box, 12boxes/ctn
      • Delivery Time:
      • Shipped in 20 days after payment
      Product Description

      Material: fiberglass or polyester fabric

      Application: it is mainly used for the external fixation of fracture or sprain to make the bone heal in orthopedics, plastic surgery and general surgery.


      FEATURE :

      1、High Strength, Light Weight:
      More than 20 times harder, 5 times lighter and use less than the traditional plaster bandage. And easier to be cut.

      2、Molding Fast:
      It begins to mold in 3-5 minutes after open the package and could bear weight after 20 minutes, but plaster bandage need 24 hours for full concretion.

      3、Good Air Permeability:
      Unique knitted net structure to make the bandage many holes in the surface to keep good air ventilation and prevent skin damp, hot or pruritus.

      4、Excellent X-ray Radiolucency:
      It isconvenient to take X-ray photos and to check the bone healing without removing the bandage.


      The moisture absorbed percent is 85% less than plaster bandage, even on the situation of the patient touching the water, taking a shower, it still can keep dry in the injured part.

      6、Environmentally Friendly:

      Material are environmental friendly, it will not produce polluted gas after being burn down.

      7、Simple Operation:
      Room temperature operation, short time, good molding feature.

      Operation of Medical Disposable Casting Tape:

      1. Wear the surgical gloves and choose the proper specifications.

      2. Put the cast padding or stockinet on the fixed part.

      3. Open the package and take out the cast, Immerse the cast in room temperature water at 3-5 seconds and press 2-3 times, take it out and squeeze out the excess water.

      4. Wrap the cast spirally on injured parts with 2~3 layers, overlapping the previous layer by one-half or two- thirds the width of the roll.

      5. shape according to the need, smooth and rub the surface to achieve good contact between layers.

      6. Use the electric cast saw to cut and remove it.



      Model Specification Package
      AP002 5.0 cm x 360 cm 10 bags x 15 boxes/carton
      AP003 7.5 cm x 360 cm 10 bags x 15 boxes/carton
      AP004 10.0 cm x 360 cm 10 bags x 12 boxes/carton
      AP005 12.5 cm x 360 cm 10 bags x 9 boxes/carton
      AP006 15.0 cm x 360 cm 10 bags x 9 boxes/carton

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